1) Hit an Ace-Ace against a Dealer 10

This hand should always be split. No matter how you look at it, a hand of 2 or 12 is not good. So why are some players reluctant to split? Because they get only one card on each Ace. What they don’t understand is that the house allows only a single hit because it is such a strong play. It is exactly the same as getting one card when you double down on an 11, which is a good play except that with split aces you have two good plays.

2) Stand on an Ace-6 against a Dealer 7

Always hit this hand. Unless the dealer busts, the best you can do is a push. However, with a 7 showing, the dealer will bust only 26% of the time. When you hit you cannot bust and you may improve the hand. Never stand.

3)Stand on an Ace-7 against a Dealer 9

Always hit this hand. Why hit a perfectly good 18? Because contrary to popular belief, 18 is not a good hand, especially when the dealer shows a 9 or better. With a 9 upcard, the dealer will bust only 23% of the time and will beat your hand over 50% of the time. You must try to improve your holding through blackjack strategy. Never stand.

4) Stand on an Ace-7 against a Dealer 10

Be sure to hit this hand. Another perfectly good 18? Of course not! Not when the dealer will win over 56% of the time. Hit it!

5) Stand on a 9-9 against a Dealer 9

Always split this hand. If you stand on this 18, it is no different than standing on an Ace-7: the dealer will beat you more than 50% of the time. Splitting gives you a better chance of winning.

6) Hit(or stand) on an 8-8 against a Dealer 10

Always split this hand. No matter what you do, it is a loser. Normally, a 16 is the worst hand you can get. At least, when it comes as a pair of 8s, you have the opportunity to improve it slightly. Of the available options, splitting loses the last money even though you double it the bet.

7) Hit(or stand) on an 8-8 against a Dealer Ace

Always split this hand. This is essentially the same situation as above and splitting is your best option.

8) Hit an 11 against a Dealer 10

Double this hand. Getting a count of 11 in the first 2 cards is a winning situation. That’s when you take advantage and double down, just as the basic strategy tells you to do.

9) Stand on a 12 against a Dealer 3

Hit this hand. This is also a losing hand, but you will limit your losses when you hit, altough not by much.

10) Stand on a 12 against a Dealer 2

Hit this hand. Just like the above hand, you must take a hit to limit your losses.