Reading Blackjack Dealer Tells

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What better way is there to make your winning edge greater than the dealers by reading the dealer’s tells? Tells is the body language that is subconscious. So a player can benefit from this if he has developed his skills to read the changes in the dealer’s body language. If a player manages to read the gestures, he/she can assume that they will win more because they can then make better decisions. This can give the player a higher edge than the dealer. What a great blackjack strategy to have.

Well, I know you are thinking whether it really works. The answer is yes. It works but many players do not acknowledge this and this is due to the fact that they have never noticed tells or they just didn’t interpret the signal. But the person who needs sharp skills here are the players and should be able to detect a tell. If you are just sitting at one table you may never know what a tell is and you may have to takes trips between many tables till you find a dealer who has visible tells.

Dealers do reveal their cards and it is the player who has to be attentive enough to spot the tell. If a dealer has a stiff card like 2,3,4,5,or 6 he has to lift the card a little higher that the rest of the cards with 4 being the hardest to read as he will have to take multiple glance before he can read his card.

The period that the dealer spends to have a look at a hand that has face cards is less compared to other cards. This is the same case for cards that are larger than 6. All you players have to do when you are playing blackjack is to pay more attention to the dealer and you may find that it can benefit you.