Those who play in Arkansas will now be able to enjoy a new form of blackjack, as there is the opportunity of live blackjack for Oaklawn visitors to replace the current machines. As things stood, visitors to the venue could only play through the electronic blackjack machines which offer virtual representations of the cards, but when this new set of tables launched they were able to play with real dealers and live games.

Those who visit will now be able to experience a much more lively and social atmosphere while they think about their blackjack strategy, as the new games launched on the 22nd of July. So far this seems to have been a great success as it has attracted a lot of attention, and not only from the media – as plenty of players came down to try out the new games.

“Our customers have been asking for blackjack with real cards since we first introduced table games,” says Bobby Geiger, the Director of Gaming and Wagering. “Our staff has put a lot of time and effort into making this transition. We are hiring and training additional dealers in anticipation of increased interest. These games have already been in place at Southland Gaming & Racing in West Memphis. They are popular there and we anticipate the same here, which is why we’ve committed to changing out all eight of our blackjack table games.”

The cards will be dealt out of a six deck shoe, and will pass over an electronic eye so that the card can be read. At the same time, all wagers will be placed through an electronic system, so that everything is recorded on an electronic system and made available for both checking and reporting. This will raise the security levels at the venue, and will allow dealers to settle any disputes quickly and easily simply by going back into the system. This is just one of many improvements to be made to Oaklawn, with a new expanded gaming area set to open in May 2014 which will not only create more jobs, but which will also give more purse money to the horsemen.