Blackjack Card Counting

If you have ever wondered if there is a way to beat the dealer in online blackjack, the answer is yes… with Card Counting. Blackjack is beatable by those who are ready to spend some time practicing the card counting techniques. These have been used for many years now and it involves adding and subtracting numbers to a single number which is to be remembered. Recently, a movie called “21” was made about this subject matter.

There are 2 types of table games; one which falls under the independent trial category (Roulette, craps) and the other falls under the dependent trial category (Blackjack). For Blackjack, the result of a round depends on what happened in the previous one.

Before even thinking about card counting, you should know how to minimize the house advantage which is possible by applying Blackjack strategy. There is no place for superstition out here!

Dr. Edward O. Thorp, an American mathematician, discovered and practiced card counting at its best.

Usually a person will not be able to remember the cards which were dealt in the previous rounds, therefore card counting strategies employ a score-based benchmark which in turn reflects the deck’s situation. Knowing which cards are left in the deck will let you know if you should place larger or smaller bets.

There are single and multi level card counting systems which are the most common ones used.

Single Level Blackjack CCS

Most beginners would prefer this system which is very simple. In this system, cards are given the value of 1 or -1. The ‘10’s and ‘A’s are valued as -1 whereas the range of ‘2-6’ cards are valued as 1. Other cards are valued as ‘0’. Using this technique, the higher your count is, the better it is for you and you should increase your bet in such situations.

Multi Level Blackjack CCS

This system is a step ahead of the single level. In addition to the values 1, -1 and 0, you now have 2 and -2. This implies more observation and counting but it does give you more information.

You therefore have a better notion of when to double, hit, stand and also how much to wager. This will determine your winnings… big or small.

This system is divided into 2 different counts:

The Zen Count:
2 points are allocated to the cards ‘4, 5 and 6’.
1 point is allocated to the cards ‘2, 3 and 7’.
0 point goes to the cards ‘8 and 9’.
-1 point is allocated to the ‘A’ cards.
-2 point is given to the ‘10’ cards.

The Omega II Count:
-1 point is allocated to ‘9’ cards.
0 point goes to the ‘A’ cards.
The remaining cards hold the same values as the Zen count system.

A vital point for you to note is that the multi level system is to be used only when you have enough practice with card counting.

There have been a lot of issues with card counting in land based casinos such as banning the iPhones with card counting devices or even banning users who are known to use their mind skills for card counting.

Serious Blackjack gamers will surely benefit from card counting over the long run. This is the exact reason why casinos want to try and prevent it. Do not let yourselves be fooled by those who say that Card counting is illegal…IT IS NOT! As long as you are using your brain rather than some other device for the counting process, it is fully legitimate.